Selected Journal Articles

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Haynes-Shockley experiment analogs in surface and optoelectronics: Tunable surface electric field extracting nearly all photocarriers

Authors: Yibo Zhang, Sara Almenabawy, Nazir P Kherani

Science Advances

Vol.9, pp. eadg2454

Year: 2023

Authors: Yibo Zhang, Joel YY Loh, Nazir P Kherani
Advanced Science
Vol.9, pp.2203234
Authors: S Almenabawy, Y Zhang, A Flood, R Prinja, NP Kherani
ACS Applied Energy Materials
Vol. 5, pp. 13808-13816
Year: 2022

Large area stimulated emission luminescent solar concentrators modelled using detailed balance consistent rate equations

Authors: AG Flood, NP Kherani
Optics Express
Vol. 30, pp. 18978-18994
Year: 2022

Ultra‐Sensitive Cubic‐ITO/Silicon Photodiode via Interface Engineering of Native SiOx and Lattice‐Strain‐Assisted Atomic Oxidation

Authors: Y Zhang, JYY Loh, AG Flood, C Mao, G Sharma, NP Kherani
Advanced Functional Materials
Vol. 32, oo. 2109794
Year: 2022

Near-Perfect Absorbing Copper Metamaterial for Solar Fuel Generation

Authors: Joel YY Loh, Mahdi Safari, Chengliang Mao, Camilo J Viasus, George V Eleftheriades, Geoffrey A Ozin, Nazir P Kherani

Nano Letters
Vol. 21, pp. 9124-9130
Year: 2021

Post‐Illumination Photoconductivity Enables Extension of Photo‐Catalysis after Sunset

Authors: Joel YY Loh, Geetu Sharma, Nazir P Kherani, Geoffrey A Ozin
Advanced Energy Materials
Vol.11, pp. 2101566
Year: 2021

Protein capture and SERS detection on multiwavelength rainbow-trapping width-graded nano-gratings

Authors: Remy HH Ko, Moein Shayegannia, Sidra Farid, Nazir P Kherani
Vol. 32, pp. 505207
Year: 2021

Rainbows at the end of subwavelength discontinuities: Plasmonic light trapping for sensing applications

Authors: Sidra Farid, Katelyn Dixon, Moein Shayegannia, Remy HH Ko, Mahdi Safari, Joel YY Loh, Nazir P Kherani
Advanced Optical Materials
pp: 2100695
Year: 2021

Detailed balance limits for inversion in solar-pumped lasers and allied systems

Authors: Andrew G Flood, Nazir P Kherani
Optics Letters
Vol. 46, pp. 2916-2919
Year: 2021

Multi‐Functional Metasurface: Visibly and RF Transparent, NIR Control and Low Thermal Emissivity

Authors: Mahdi Safari, Nazir P Kherani, Geroge V Eleftheriades
Advanced Optical Materials
pp. 2100176
Year: 2021

Persistent CO2 photocatalysis for solar fuels in the dark

Authors: Joel YY Loh, Nazir P Kherani, Geoffrey A Ozin
Nature Sustainability
Vol. 4, pp. 466-473
Year: 2021

Enhancing optical phonon energies and persistent yield production of CO via substitutional doping in indium oxide

Authors: Joel YY Loh, Moein Shayegannia, Nazir P Kherani
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Vol. 282, pp.119555
Year: 2021

Waveguide photoreactor enhances solar fuels photon utilization towards maximal optoelectronic–photocatalytic synergy

Authors: Joel YY Loh, Abhinav Mohan, Andrew G Flood, Geoffery A Ozin, Nazir P Kherani
Nature communications
Vol.12, pp.1-11
Year: 2021

Laser Cooling of Germanium Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Authors: Manuchehr Ebrahimi, Wei Sun, Amr S Helmy, Nazir P Kherani
arXiv preprint arXiv:2101.04833
Year: 2021

Adiabatic mode transformation in width-graded nano-gratings enabling multiwavelength light localization
Authors: Moein Shayegannia, Arthur O Montazeri, Katelyn Dixon, Rajiv Prinja, Nastaran Kazemi-Zanjani, Nazir P Kherani

Nature: Scientific reports

Vol.11, pp. 1-12
Year: 2021

Tunable rainbow light trapping in ultrathin resonator arrays

Authors: Katelyn Dixon, Arthur O Montazeri, Moein Shayegannia, Edward S Barnard, Stefano Cabrini, Naomi Matsuura, Hoi-Ying Holman, Nazir P Kherani
Nature: Light: Science & Applications
Vol. 9, pp. 1-9
Year: 2020

Optically and radio frequency (RF) transparent meta-glass

Authors: Mahdi Safari, Yuchu He, Minseok Kim, Nazir P Kherani, George V Eleftheriades
Vol. 9, pp. 3889-3898
Year: 2019
Authors: Nastaran Kazemi‐Zanjani, Moein Shayegannia, Rajiv Prinja, Arthur O Montazeri, Aliakbar Mohammadzadeh, Katelyn Dixon, Siqi Zhu, Ponnambalam R Selvaganapathy, Anna Zavodni, Naomi Matsuura, Nazir P Kherani
Advanced Optical Materials
Vol. 6, pp. 1701136
Year: 2018