ECE 1336H: Semiconductor Physics

A general course in solid state physics with specific emphasis on semiconductors; covers: crystal symmetry, crystal dynamics, dynamic properties of electrons in periodic lattice, elements of transport theory, excess carriers in semiconductors, semiconductor surfaces.

ECE 1333H: Selected Topics in Semiconductor Physics:

The subject matter changes from year to year but generally the course deals with elements of solid state physics relevant to semiconductor devices.

ECE 159H1: Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

The subject includes topics such as DC linear circuits elements, circuit analysis, KCL, KVL, Thevenin and Nortan equivalents, Nodal analysis, operational amplifiers, transient response of linear circuits, sinusoidal steady state analysis, phasors, power response, frequency response, resonance phenomena.  

MSE 1035H: Optical and Photonics Materials

Optical and photonic materials play a central role in a variety of application fields including telecommunications, metrology, manufacturing, medical surgery, computing, spectroscopy, holography, chemical synthesis, and robotics – to name a few. The properties of light and its interaction with matter lie at the heart of this ever-expanding list of applications.  The syllabus comprises the nature of light, wave motion, lasers, interference, coherence, fibre optics, diffraction, polarized light, photonic crystals, metamaterials, plasmonic materials, and practical design applications.

ECE330H1: Quantum and Semiconductor Physics

The course introduces the principles of quantum physics and uses them to understand the behaviour of semiconductors. Topics to be covered include wave-particle duality, Schrodinger’s equation, energy quantization, quantum mechanical tunnelling, electrons in crystalline semiconductors and other physical concepts that form the basis for nanotechnology, microelectronics, and optoelectronics.

ECE335: Introduction to Electronic Devices

This course provides an introduction to semiconductor electronic devices. We will begin by discussing the basic principles of semiconductor materials, electronic carriers, and carrier transport. Then we will study the operation, design and performance of devices including PN diodes, Schottky diodes, MOS field electric transistors, bipolar junction transistors, and optoelectronic components. Projects will provide an opportunity to design devices using an industry-standard TCAD tool.

APS104: Intro to Materials and Chemistry

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ECE 231: Introductory Electronics

ECE 231: Introductory Electronics